AAP Issues Whip To Rajya Sabha MPs To Vote Against Delhi Bill


AAP Issues Whip To Rajya Sabha MPs To Vote Against Delhi Bill

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has issued a whip to its Rajya Sabha MPs to vote against the Delhi Bill, which is expected to be introduced in the Upper House of Parliament on Thursday. The bill seeks to replace an ordinance that was issued by the government in May, giving the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi more control over the city’s administration.

The AAP has been critical of the ordinance, saying that it gives the Lieutenant Governor too much power and undermines the authority of the elected government in Delhi. The party has also said that the bill is unconstitutional, as it violates the provisions of the Constitution that give Delhi a special status.

The whip issued by the AAP requires its Rajya Sabha MPs to be present in the House on Thursday and vote against the bill. The MPs who fail to comply with the whip could face disciplinary action from the party.

The AAP has 10 MPs in the Rajya Sabha, and their votes could be crucial in determining the outcome of the vote on the bill. The government needs 123 votes to pass the bill in the Rajya Sabha, and it is not clear whether it has the support of enough MPs to do so.

The AAP’s decision to issue a whip to its Rajya Sabha MPs is a sign of the party’s determination to oppose the Delhi Bill. The party is likely to argue that the bill is undemocratic and that it will undermine the people’s right to self-governance in Delhi.

The voting on the Delhi Bill is expected to be closely watched, as it is a test of the strength of the AAP and the government. The outcome of the vote could have a significant impact on the future of Delhi’s administration.

AAP Issues Whip To Its Rajya Sabha MPs Ahead Of Voting On Delhi Bill

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