” Internet Ban Eased in Violence-Hit Nuh, 116 Accused Held in Police Custody for 2 Days”


“Internet Ban Eased in Violence-Hit Nuh, 116 Accused Held in Police Custody for 2 Days”

In a significant development, authorities have decided to ease the internet ban in the violence-hit district of Nuh. The ban, which had been in place for an extended period, was lifted following a series of discussions and assessments by the concerned authorities.

Nuh had been grappling with a recent spate of violence, leading to heightened security measures in the region. As part of the ongoing investigations, a total of 116 individuals have been apprehended by the police in connection with the disturbances.

The decision to ease the internet ban comes as a relief to the residents of Nuh, who have faced communication and connectivity challenges during the restrictive period. With the restoration of internet services, people in the region can now resume their daily activities and communicate with their loved ones, providing a sense of normalcy amid the tense situation.

Authorities have emphasized that the internet ban could be reinstated if the situation warrants such action in the future. They are closely monitoring the developments and are committed to maintaining peace and security in Nuh.

As of now, the 116 accused individuals will remain in police custody for two days, pending further investigations. The police are working diligently to ascertain the causes and culprits behind the recent violent incidents and ensure that justice is served.

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