Congress Mulls Uniform Civil Code, Law Panel Extends Deadline


Congress Mulls Uniform Civil Code, Law Panel Extends Deadline

The Congress party held a closed-door meeting on Saturday to discuss the implementation of a Uniform Civil Code (UCC). The meeting was attended by senior party leaders, including Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi.

The UCC is a proposed law that would replace the current system of personal laws based on religion. It has been a controversial issue in India, with some people supporting it as a way to promote equality and secularism, while others oppose it as a threat to religious freedom.

The Law Commission of India, which is responsible for drafting legislation, has extended the deadline for submitting its report on the UCC. The commission was originally due to submit its report in July 2023, but it has now been given until January 2024.

The Congress party has not yet taken a formal position on the UCC. However, the party’s leadership is reportedly divided on the issue. Some leaders support the UCC, while others oppose it.

The closed-door meeting on Saturday was an opportunity for the Congress party to discuss the UCC and to formulate its own position on the issue. The party is likely to make its position public in the coming weeks.


The Congress’ closed-door meeting on the UCC is a sign that the party is taking the issue seriously. The UCC is a complex and controversial issue, and the Congress party will need to carefully consider its position before making a public announcement.

The Law Commission’s extension of the deadline for submitting its report on the UCC is also significant. The commission is likely to face pressure from both supporters and opponents of the UCC, and it will need to carefully balance the different views before making its recommendations.

The future of the UCC in India is uncertain. However, the Congress’ closed-door meeting and the Law Commission’s extension of the deadline suggest that the issue is likely to remain a hotly debated topic in the coming months and years.

Uniform Civil Code: Law panel extends deadline for submitting views on UCC  till July 28, ET LegalWorld


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