Opposition vs NDA Meeting : Time to Get Rid of PM Modi, Arvind Kejriwal Says on Opposition Meet


Opposition vs NDA Meeting : Time to Get Rid of PM Modi, Arvind Kejriwal Says on Opposition Meet

The political temperature in India is rising as the two major political blocs, the Opposition and the NDA, prepare for the 2024 general elections. On Tuesday, July 18, both groups held major meetings to discuss their strategies and flex their muscles.

The Opposition met in Bengaluru, where they were joined by top leaders such as Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Mamata Banerjee, Sharad Pawar, and Arvind Kejriwal. In his address to the meeting, Kejriwal said that it was time to “get rid of PM Modi” and that the Opposition parties were united in their goal of defeating the BJP in the next elections.

The NDA, meanwhile, met in New Delhi, where they were joined by Prime Minister Modi, BJP President JP Nadda, and other top leaders. In his address to the meeting, Modi said that the NDA was “stronger than ever” and that they were confident of winning the next elections.

The two meetings were seen as a major show of strength by both sides. The Opposition is hoping to capitalize on the growing public dissatisfaction with the Modi government, while the NDA is confident that their record in government will speak for itself.

The 2024 general elections are still two years away, but the battle lines are already being drawn. The Opposition vs NDA meeting live updates are a sign that the race is heating up.

Here are some additional details from the meetings:

  • The Opposition meeting in Bengaluru was attended by 26 parties, including the Congress, the TMC, the NCP, the SP, the AAP, and the CPI(M).
  • The NDA meeting in New Delhi was attended by 38 parties, including the BJP, the Shiv Sena, the JD(U), the AIADMK, and the BJD.
  • Both meetings discussed the need to unite the Opposition and to develop a common strategy for the 2024 elections.
  • The Opposition meeting also discussed the issue of rising inflation and the need to provide relief to the common people.

United Opposition vs regrouped NDA: Mega show of strength this week - India  Today



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