TMC Leader Slams PM Modi for Silence on Manipur Violence, Invokes Vajpayee’s ‘Raj Dharma’ Advice


TMC Leader Slams PM Modi for Silence on Manipur Violence, Invokes Vajpayee’s ‘Raj Dharma’ Advice

Trinamool Congress leader Shashi Panja on Saturday slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his silence over the issue of violence that has gripped Manipur for over two months. Panja, who is also a West Bengal minister, invoked the ‘raj dharma’ advice of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee while calling on Modi to take action to resolve the situation.

“The Prime Minister has been silent on the issue of violence in Manipur. This is a violation of his ‘raj dharma’,” Panja said. “He should either take responsibility for what happened in Manipur and solve the issue or should step down from his office.”

Panja’s comments come after a series of violent incidents in Manipur, including the rape and murder of a woman in Imphal and the killing of a man in Churachandpur district. The violence has been blamed on ethnic tensions between the Kuki and Naga communities.

Panja said that the violence in Manipur is a “matter of national shame” and that Modi has a “moral responsibility” to resolve the situation. She also called on the central government to send a fact-finding team to Manipur and to provide financial assistance to the victims of the violence.

“The Prime Minister should not forget that he is the Prime Minister of India, not just the Prime Minister of Gujarat,” Panja said. “He has a responsibility to all citizens of India, including those in Manipur.”

Panja’s comments were echoed by other opposition leaders, who also criticized Modi for his silence on the issue of violence in Manipur. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that Modi’s “silence is deafening” and that he is “failing the people of Manipur.”

The violence in Manipur has sparked widespread outrage and calls for the central government to take action. It remains to be seen whether Modi will heed the calls of opposition leaders and take steps to resolve the situation.

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