Jeakson Singh’s Flag Gesture: A Call for Peace in Manipur


Jeakson Singh’s Flag Gesture: A Call for Peace in Manipur

Indian midfielder Jeakson Singh has explained the flag gesture he made after India won the SAFF Championship on Tuesday. Singh, who is from Manipur, wrapped himself in a flag that represents the seven clan dynasties of the Meitei ethnicity of Ancient Manipur.

“It was my Manipuri flag,” Singh said in a statement. “I just wanted to tell everyone in India and Manipur to stay in peace and not fight. I want peace. It’s been two months now and fighting is still going on. I just wanted to bring the government’s and other people’s attention to get peace, you know.”

Singh’s gesture has been met with mixed reactions. Some people have praised him for raising awareness of the violence in Manipur, while others have criticized him for making a political statement.

The violence in Manipur has been ongoing for several years. The conflict is between the Meitei community, which is the majority ethnic group in Manipur, and the Kuki community, which is a minority ethnic group. The two communities have been fighting over land and resources.

Singh’s gesture has sparked a debate about the role of athletes in raising awareness of social issues. Some people believe that athletes should use their platform to speak out about important issues, while others believe that they should stay out of politics.

Singh has said that he does not want to hurt anyone’s sentiments with his gesture. He simply wants to bring attention to the violence in Manipur and to call for peace.

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