Smashing Satwik: How Indian Badminton Player Hit a Record-Breaking 565 kph Smash


Smashing Satwik: How Indian Badminton Player Hit a Record-Breaking 565 kph Smash

Indian badminton player Satwiksairaj Rankireddy made history on July 24, 2023, when he hit a smash that clocked in at an incredible 565 kilometers per hour (351 miles per hour). The smash, which was recorded during a training session, broke the previous world record of 533 kph (331 mph), which was set by Chinese player Chen Long in 2017.

So, how did Satwik manage to hit such a powerful smash? It all comes down to a combination of technique, strength, and timing.

First, Satwik has a very good technique for generating power. He uses a whipping action with his hips, core, and shoulders to generate a lot of racquet head speed. He also strikes the shuttle in the sweet spot, which helps to maximize the power of the shot.

Second, Satwik is very strong. He has been training for years to build up the muscle power he needs to generate such a powerful smash.

Third, Satwik has excellent timing. He knows exactly when to hit the shuttle in order to get the maximum amount of power behind the shot.

In addition to these factors, Satwik also benefited from favorable conditions when he hit the record-breaking smash. The shuttle was flying in a straight line, and there was a slight tailwind that helped to increase the speed of the shot.

Satwik’s record-breaking smash is a testament to his skill, strength, and timing. It is also a reminder of the incredible power that can be generated in badminton.

Here are some additional details about the science behind Satwik’s record-breaking smash:

  • The shuttlecock is a very aerodynamic object, which means that it can travel through the air very efficiently.
  • The weight of the shuttlecock is also important. A heavier shuttlecock will have more momentum, which will help it to travel faster.
  • The string tension of the racquet also plays a role in determining the speed of the smash. A higher string tension will create more power, which will help the shuttlecock to travel faster.
  • The angle at which the shuttlecock is hit also affects its speed. A steeper angle will result in a faster smash.

Overall, Satwik’s record-breaking smash is a remarkable feat of athleticism and skill. It is a testament to the power of badminton, and it shows what is possible when a player has the perfect combination of technique, strength, and timing.


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