Triveni Continental Kings Clinch Global Chess League Title in Dramatic Fashion


Triveni Continental Kings were crowned champions of the inaugural Global Chess League on Saturday after defeating upGrad Mumba Masters in a dramatic sudden-death match. The match was tied 3-3 after the regular four rounds, and the deciding game was won by Danish Grandmaster Jonas Bjerre.

Bjerre faced off against Javokhir Sindarov of upGrad Mumba Masters in the sudden-death match. The game was a closely fought affair, but Bjerre eventually emerged victorious after 45 moves. The win gave Triveni Continental Kings the title and a prize of $1 million.

Triveni Continental Kings were the underdogs going into the final, but they played some excellent chess throughout the tournament. They were led by their captain, Indian Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand, who won the individual award for the best player in the league.

The Global Chess League was a groundbreaking event that brought together some of the best chess players in the world. It was a thrilling tournament that was full of drama and excitement. Triveni Continental Kings are worthy champions, and they will be looking to defend their title in the next season.


“I am very happy to win the Global Chess League,” said Anand. “It was a great tournament, and I am proud of the way my team played. We were the underdogs, but we never gave up, and we eventually came out on top.”


The victory of Triveni Continental Kings is a major boost for Indian chess. It shows that Indian players are capable of competing at the highest level, and it will hopefully inspire more young people to take up the game.

The Global Chess League was a major success, and it is likely to be back next year. The tournament has the potential to be a major driver of growth for chess, and it will be interesting to see how it develops in the future.

Triveni Continental Kings crowned Global Chess League champions

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