Protesters Torch Police Station in Rouen as Unrest Continues in France


Protesters set a police station on fire in Rouen, France, on Tuesday night, as unrest continued in the country following the deadly police shooting of a teen.

The fire broke out at the police station in the city’s northeast suburbs, and firefighters were able to extinguish it without any injuries. However, the building was badly damaged.

The unrest in France began on Saturday, after the death of 20-year-old Adama Traore, who died in police custody. Traore’s family and supporters say he was beaten by police, while police say he died of a heart attack.

Since Saturday, there have been protests in cities across France, with some turning violent. In Paris, protesters clashed with police, and several cars were set on fire.

The government has condemned the violence, and President Emmanuel Macron has called for calm. However, the protests show no signs of abating, and there are fears that the unrest could escalate.

“We condemn the violence that has taken place in recent days,” said Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin. “We will not tolerate those who seek to destroy our Republic.”

What do you think of the unrest in France? Do you think the government is doing enough to address the concerns of the protesters? Let us know in the comments below.

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