Russian Troops Advance in Fierce Fighting, Ukrainian Officials Say


Ukrainian officials said on Sunday that Russian troops were advancing in four areas in the east of the country amid “fierce fighting.” The officials said that the Russian troops were making gains in the areas of Avdiivka, Mariinka, Lyman, and Svatove.

The officials said that the fighting was “very intense” in all four areas, and that Ukrainian forces were suffering heavy casualties. They said that the Russian troops were using artillery, tanks, and airstrikes to try to break through Ukrainian lines.

The officials said that the situation in the east of Ukraine was “very difficult,” but that Ukrainian forces were determined to resist the Russian advance. They said that Ukrainian forces were receiving support from the West, including weapons and ammunition.

“The situation in the east is very difficult, but our troops are holding firm,” said Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov. “We are receiving support from our allies, and we will continue to fight until we liberate our land.”

The advance of Russian troops in eastern Ukraine is a major development in the war. It suggests that the Russians are making progress in their goal of taking control of the Donbas region. The fighting is likely to continue to be fierce in the coming days and weeks, and it is unclear how long Ukrainian forces will be able to hold out.

The advance of Russian troops also has implications for the global security situation. It shows that Russia is willing to use military force to achieve its goals, and it raises concerns about the potential for further aggression in the future.

The international community is watching the situation in Ukraine closely, and it is likely to take steps to deter further Russian aggression. However, it is unclear what these steps will be, and it is possible that the situation in Ukraine could escalate further.

Ukraine says Russian troops advancing in 'fierce fighting'

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