Volcano Erupts Near Reykjavik, Iceland


Volcano Erupts Near Reykjavik, Iceland

A volcano erupted on the Reykjanes peninsula in southwest Iceland on Monday, July 10, 2023. The eruption took place in a small depression just north of Litli Hrutur, a mountain on the peninsula.

The Icelandic Meteorological Office (IMO) said that the eruption is a small one, and there is no immediate danger to people or property. However, the IMO has advised people to stay away from the area due to the risk of falling ash and lava.

The eruption is the third time in two years that a volcano has erupted in the area. The previous eruptions, in March 2021 and August 2022, were also small and did not cause any major damage.

The Reykjanes peninsula is a volcanic and seismic hot spot southwest of the capital Reykjavik. The area has been active for thousands of years, and there are a number of volcanoes and geothermal features in the region.

The eruption is a popular tourist attraction, and people have been flocking to the area to see the lava flows and ash clouds. However, the IMO has warned that the area is still active, and there is a risk of further eruptions. The eruption of the volcano near Reykjavik is a reminder of the natural beauty and power of Iceland. While the eruption is small, it is still a significant event, and it is important to stay informed and take precautions

Volcano erupts near Iceland's capital | Volcanoes News | Al Jazeera

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